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Wellington Story

Ohtel was designed and built by architect Alan Blundell, after being inspired by a trip to New York in 2000 to create a baby ‘design hotel’. A few years later, a small villa on a steep 162sqm site near the waterfront was discovered, and after negotiating to purchase the property, Alan set about designing the 10 room, 4 storey structure.

It took just over a year to document, obtain consents and finance for the work. The process was a 12 month project and presented its own unique set of challenges; the tiny site, excavation and anchoring the cliff face to maximise the footprint, and the complex precast concrete work used in construction. During the build, there were a lot of decisions to be made in terms of style, fittings and finishes, and of course ways in which the final building would minimise its carbon footprint.

One thing that has remained consistent since opening in 2008, is the choice of furniture and artwork. Furnished in high-quality mid-century designs and pieces of contemporary New Zealand art and ceramics, Ohtel exudes a distinctive kiwi flavour and in particular a unique Wellington flair.

Adding to the Wellington vibe, Ohtel Pantry in the hotel lobby offers guests and the general public a relaxing space to enjoy speciality coffees, freshly baked goodies, bar snacks and sweet treats, alongside local wine and craft beer, sourced from a range of local suppliers.  Our all day brunch menu has some classic favourites on the menu, featuring some mid century inspired dishes, modernised with a twist!

Mr George Duppa, featured on our wall, is the original sole resident of Oriental Bay (originally called Duppa Bay after him) and the first person to build a home here. He was an Englishman who came to New Zealand in 1840 to make his fortune and in fact became the country’s first “millionaire”.

Ohtel is run and managed by New Zealand owned and operated Village Accommodation Group since 2017.  The team at Ohtel offer guests a personalised stay, ensuring that their needs are met, and that each visitor enjoys a 5 star experience.

Village Accommodation Group offers a range of modern 3, 4 and 5 star apartment styled properties in central locations throughout Wellington, as well as the uniquely designed Ohtel 5 star boutique hotel on Oriental Parade, and AREA Events Conference Centre based at Boulcott Suites. Being New Zealand owned and operated, Village has a passionate sense of community, seen through the support of many local businesses in the arts, sports, hospice and conservation sectors.

Our team at Village are highly focused on delivering exceptional service to our valued guests as well as providing options for contactless stays, all presented in a safe, secure, self contained and hygienic environment.  Further details about Village can be located on

Auckland Story

The Ohtel brand has been synonymous with Wellington and Oriental Bay since it’s opening back in the late 2000’s.  Built on a quirky and not taking itself too seriously concept, the intention has been to deliver exceptional customer service in a relaxed setting, set amongst interesting artwork and mid-century furnishings.

It was this same vibe that Village Accommodation thought would fit perfectly into the Auckland scene for both the corporate and leisure market, offering something different, something personal.  It took years to find the right site and location to suit what we know Ohtel could offer, and after many years of hard work and building interrupted by COVID lockdowns, Ohtel Auckland opened its doors in May 2021.

Every piece at Ohtel Auckland has been collected personally by our Managing Director Adam Cunningham.  Adam is a well-known collector of art pieces and during the years leading up to opening, he collected an outstanding selection to create the unique environment that you will only find at Ohtel Auckland.

Every room has personal detail, with exclusive décor and vibrant colours to make the overall experience be above the average hotel stay.

Most of our furniture has also been designed by Adam, inspired by mid-century pieces, to give the space more personality and the homely feel needed when travelling, without losing the 5-star service, provided by our attentive hosts.

All the book collections that can be found in our communal areas and guest rooms, was also put together throughout the years, and carefully selected for an interesting browse.

Located a stone’s throw away from the Viaduct Harbour, Ohtel Auckland with its green space and leisure facilities has the peace that you look for when enjoying some time away or working, without losing the city action – close to the most famous restaurants and bars in Auckland City.

With a quirky romantic vibe, Ohtel is destined for those looking for more than a hotel room. Ohtel will intrigue you with all it shapes and forms, where every detail has a history and was specifically chosen to make your stay unique. It’s the Ohtel Way.